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* about us and privacy page
* about us and privacy page
* page to send donations
* page to send donations
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Versie van 20 jan 2020 om 12:29

Essential for the functioning of the petitioning website are these existing features:

  • withstand peek demand (visits and signing)
  • prevent automated signatures (currently by following a link received by e-mail)
  • reply to the petition to all signatories
  • newsletter by petitioner to signatories
  • pledges by signatories (helping out, donations)
  • share the petition (petition has subdomain)
  • overview of petitions: active, new (RSS), biggest, closing soon, answered (and other statuses)
  • start a petition form using legacy format (intro, we, statement, request) combined with user creation
  • petitioner confirms e-mail and real name, but can choose anonimity
  • petitioner can edit intro, links and write updates of published petition and personal information
  • petition moderation by 'desks' in a webinterface, with e-mail alerts
  • petition has recipient
  • petitioner can add updates about the petition
  • moderator can edit and open/close petitions for signing
  • moderator can view/edit the values in the database through a webinterface
  • anyone can use a contact form to e-mail the moderator
  • a help section/knowledge base for signatories, petitioners and the public
  • about us and privacy page
  • page to send donations