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You came to this page because you have received a message from and do not understand Dutch.

There are three kinds of message coming from our system:

Subject: Bevestig uw ondertekening

This is an e-mail you received because you have signed a petition on our website. This signature is only validated after you follow the unique link in the message and on the page with your personal information and click on the orange button 'bevestigen'. By doing so you declare that you agree with the petition. If you do not want to sign this petition (for example because you do not know exactly what it says) you can ignore the message and your information will be deleted eventually.

Subject: Uitnodiging voor ondertekenen

This is an e-mail you received because someone who knows you (and your e-mail address) has manually entered this address after signing a petition. You are now invited to sign the same petition. The name and e-mail address of your correspondent is mentioned in the first sentence. The address in the last paragraph is from the person who started the petition. You can write both these people to explain what the petition is about and why you should sign.

Subject: (...) voortgangsbericht

This is an e-mail about a petition you have signed and confirmed. At most three e-mails give updates about the petition to signatories. This is an opt-in e-mail you have requested by ticking a checkbox when confirming your signature. If you uncheck using the unique link in the footer of the e-mail you will not receive future e-mails.

The helpdesk of can be reached at The volunteers there understand English, French and German. We reply in Dutch or English.