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List of petitioning websites

Features are not yet researched, like: multilingual? Legal framework? Sign with e-mail, ID, social media account? Petitions received by authority? Moderated? Support? Campaigns? Neutral? How in wikipedia? B2B, B2C? Since when?

Government operated

Petitioning websites with a mandate from the executive branche of the government. Which means they plug can be pulled by a new government.

Citizens operated

A handful or perhaps a few dozen citizens that scrape together funds with small donations from citizens and or with subsidies from a larger NGO or a (local) government. Usually the website is a small NGO itself.

Business operated

Financed with advertising and or selling data or other services to professional clients. Sometimes an IT-company hosts a petitioning website as a (loss making) side project, sponsoring the costs and decorated with some modest advertising.