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The version 2020 of is based on the 'versie 2019' proposed here earlier. Instead, the description on this page is in English and projected for 2020.

In Brief

Version 2020 of the petitioning website will improve:

  1. signing and starting petitions
  2. campaigning (sharing, mobilising, funding)
  3. maintenance (for petitioner and self-cleaning)
  4. search, analysis and monitoring
  5. privacy
  6. connecting with administration
  7. self-organisation

as a result it will require less labour to support signatories and petitioners.

The design will no longer be a website on top a database, but an application programming interface supporting a webinterface (at least). If feasible, the codebase will be shared with other open source petitioning platforms.

Design questions

  1. per e-mail address one signature currently
  2. a confirmation message is sent with a required link to follow (otherwise autodelete after 30 days)
  3. opt-in for future campaign e-mails
  4. no opt-out for the concluding e-mail with answer
  5. deleting a signature only with an e-mail request to the helpdesk