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Improvements to the code which can be outsourced.

  • Trackbacks to petitions based on referrers. A box next to the petition 'linking to this petition' and an automatically generated list of websites linking back to the petition.
  • Automated bounce-processing
  • custom made Apps for the major mobile platforms: iOS & Android using our Application Programming Interface
  • custom made websites, widgets, gadgets or iframes to present or even sign petitions using our Application Programming Interface
  • "Petition this" campaign on external website with political news/opinion, to increase proactive constructive petitions
  • (party)political position of parliament members on each petition through a special interface for their parties/assistants
  • A way to import petitions from another source: paper, other petitionsite (see helpdesk ticket NFL-37244-952)
  • personal page for signatories who frequently sign (publicly) and have donated, listing the petitions signed
  • Create a Google Maplet with the petitions and add to the directory with such maps.