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These numbered e-mails that our system sends out are mentioned in the use cases. Most come from info@petities.nl, the ones on behalf of the petitioner with the subdomain@ handle.

  1. Invitation to sign a certain petition, sent by signatory to potential signatories
  2. Confirmation after signing to signatory, idempotent wether confirmed or not
  3. Confirmation after signing reminder (after 1 week) to signatory, see periodic tasks
  4. Confirmation after signing last call (week before petition closes) to signatory, see periodic tasks
  5. Newsletters about a petition (max 3) to subscribed signatories
  6. confirmation of e-mail address change
  7. reminder of sent invitation one week later to inviting signatory, see periodic tasks
  8. future release Reminder of answer to invitation, see periodic tasks
  9. future release thank you message going to invitee
  10. future release message from petitioner
  11. the target figure is reached, a professional will be hired, please pay
  12. you want to buy the t-shirt/sticker please proceed to the webshop for this petition
  13. To all signatories, the message that the petition has been handed over
  14. Confirmation for new petition with link to petitioner with password if not already chosen
  15. password reset link
  16. Reminder to finish petition or it gets deleted in 3 weeks time, see periodic tasks
  17. confirmation to 2nd (public) e-mail address of petitioner
  18. Write about hand over status change: to petitioner, admin and petition desk, petitioner should write update to signatories
  19. Suggestions to improve petition based on the petition so far, see periodic tasks
  20. petition is about to close in a week, change the due date or withdraw, see periodic tasks
  21. future release notifications about messages from users (who notify about specific signatures in the list)
  22. future release notifications about petition growth, see periodic tasks
  23. The petition announcement on due date, see periodic tasks
  24. Reminder of announcement, mentioning the previous e-mails, see periodic tasks
  25. Virtual hand over with signatures as attachement, see periodic tasks
  26. Answer to the petition as written by addressee goes to all signatories (after admin review)
  27. status change: petition goes from unconfirmed to concept
  28. status change: petition goes from concept and becomes signable
  29. status change: petition goes from signable to concept (with feedback what is wrong)
  30. status change: petition goes from signable to live (with extra messages to petitioner about subdomain, tweet etc.)
  31. question wether user would like to adopt orphaned petition, see periodic tasks
  32. status change: to all signatories, petition goes from live to withdrawn plus survey results, see periodic tasks
  33. "did you intend to sign anonymously?" to signatory, see periodic tasks
  34. Improve and reopen your petition, see periodic tasks
  35. Request for answer, repeatedly if necessary, see periodic tasks
  36. Request answer due date, repeatedly if necessary, see periodic tasks
  37. Explain recipient of petition about the process we expect, see periodic tasks